Kale and next years competition.

The idea is to use only one ingredient and butter/buttermilk/soured cream. I came up with this: Fermented dried kale, boiled stem of kale, butter fried kale, jus of fermented kale with puree of kale, dried kale. Surprisingly good. Without the acidity from the fermentation it would be flat. Could have added some salted sour cream but thought it was a bit too much. Next year we will organize a competition where there will only be 1 ingredient and the dairy products from our dairy. More info to follow. Advertisements Continue reading Kale and next years competition.

Dairy transport road kill, the full recipe!

Delivered butter and soured cream today to some restaurants in Gothenburg. Almost hit a raw deer and this dish is inspired by that event: Simmer soured cream with chestnuts for some time. Add some butter/butter milk simmered vegetables to the dish. Roasted almonds. Butter fried raw deer meat. Soured cream with boiled beet root juice…should have added some raw deer stock as well.     Continue reading Dairy transport road kill, the full recipe!

Cow fart in the cream dessert

I love stinky cheese!! The Brevibacterium linens which are responsible for the amazing odours and aromas deserve a medal! Did a train journey once between Copenhagen and Gothenburg in the company of an 8 kg really old stinky danish cheese which can be described as the late great uncle of Gamle Ole. I hid the cheese under my seat and waited. When reaching Malmö I was pretty much alone in the train compartment:) When arriving in Gothenburg I went in to the nearest pub for a pint and hid the cheese under the bar and waited…:) Ever since I have … Continue reading Cow fart in the cream dessert

Myrica gale with kale

Have loads of Myrica Gale (Bog Myrtle) in a nearby bog. Have been searching for a proper and tasty use for the aromatic and bitter leaves other than to flavour our mead. Before we where christened here in the north we used to spice up the mead and barley ferments with bog myrtle and meadow sweet, both of them giving bitterness and aromatic flavour. Tried tonight to carefully flavour some butter with the bog myrtle, not wanting it to give away too much bitterness to the butter. It worked well and here is the little dish I prepared: Melt on … Continue reading Myrica gale with kale

New butter – open source

Wanted to make a new butter with lots of everything when it comes to taste. Both super creamy AND buttery (lots of lactones AND diacetyl for you geeks and fellow butter makers). The idea has been lurking in my mind for a long time and apart from this present idea I have some alternative ones in order to get to both creamy and buttery (those are secret). This idea however I have chosen to share with anyone interested (not many I guess:)  ) I will skip the details about the difference between creamy and buttery for a later post. And … Continue reading New butter – open source

String grilled fermented pig kebab

Put your meat in butter milk and add some cream so that the lactic bacterias get a good start. After 5 days add some salt and ground juniper berries. After another 5 days you are ready to make the kebab. This can be done with any type of meat. The lactic acid bacterias will tenderize you meat and also add beutiful flavours. The meat can sour 10-30 days this way. Cut the meat into strips and put on a skewer. Prepare the fire and soak your string in water. Use a thin string as this will improve the automatic turning … Continue reading String grilled fermented pig kebab