OOA and Virgin butter


Our invention the Virgin butter was discovered using a method from IT Systems development called Object oriented analysis. This method is used in the analysis phase of creating conplex IT systems and has its roots in cognitive science and developmental psychology. It’s about how we humans organize things in our brain and how we describe and categorize objects mentally.
Will not go into details about the object oriented analysis here but if you want more information you could google ‘ooa’ for example.

By using object oriented analysis on butter we identified some properties that were present in butter but that were not very widely recognized. One of these properties was acidity. We also discovered a relation between the acidity and the butter taste and decided to try to control  these properties and methods of our object the butter and enhance these properties and control these methods.

The result is our Virgin butter, an instance of the Butter class as they say in OOA. A butter with only 40 % fat and all of the pleasantly acidic butter milk present and as a result of this, a butter with maximum butter taste components.

Object oriented analysis could be used for other food ingredients as well. We have done this and the results will come soon in the form of new products.


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