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We made some food for some friends in our members only dinner club (skatteverket miljö hälsa) a couple of weeks ago. Here is the menu:

Practically no pics since we didn’t have time to take any:( A food blogger present at the dinner will soon post some pictures.

Deep fried pickles of cucumber and parsnip with mmmmargarine (original recipe for margarine with ducks fat and our butter milk)

Smoked eel and eel cream

Potato WTF

Deep fried rein deer lichen with cep powder, grated rein deer heart and salted sour cream

Virgin Flower, Cauli

In short, a perfectly cooked whole cauliflower cooked in lots of rein deer lichen, then presented at the table, some concentrated cep broth poured over it, loads of virgin butter melted on top of it, some cured egg yolk (juniper, salt sugar) grated on it.

After this the rest of the virgin butter is placed in a pan placed in an immersion circulator at 66 degrees. Seaweed is placed on the melting virgin butter…


Raw thinly sliced mushrooms are soaked in a concentrated mushroom broth and then served with some salty sour cream (3 day culture)


Onion broth with dried onions, kale, butter served in a shots glass.

Pickled carrots and parsnips with leek ash and butter fried smoked herring.

Butter service

Some of our butters (Kings butter, virgin butter, melted butter) served with bread crumbs


Shrimps marinated in seaweed oil and then served with grilled swedish kelp (skreppetare)

Fish and steaming seaweed

A whole lot of seaweed is placed on a hot wood stove and then some nice fish filets gets steamed on the sea weed.

Sour cream and meadow ash

Butter sacrifice

Filet of 8 year old swedish mountain cow, dry aged 4 months, fried on really hot stone, herbs and our 2 year old bog butter.

Fried iceberg salad and deep fried eggs with perfect egg yolks.

Chicken livers, almonds, soured puree of artichoke and almond cream with butter fried chanterelles.

Shot of butter milk with peas and celery

Myrica gale with onions, porc, toast flour sauce with beef broth and smoked cod eggs.

Virgin sacrifice

During the whole evening an assortment of seaweed, mussels, langoustine, herbs etc was placed succesively in the immersion circulator bath and finally served family style.

Fresh cheese made of our butter milk, melted butter and lingon berries compote

Butter milk cake with wood sorrel granite, cream of really stinky cheese, crumbs of caramelized sun flower seeds

Coffee with green coffee cream

(dont have time to correct my english…soon maybe)


One thought on “Dinner

  1. Can´t get over it – the warning ad (meant to be) about alcohol on this page, comes across as quite hilarious in the context of your endlessly surprising luscious dishes…mmm
    I had the pleasure of being treated recently by these charming buttery Vikings in their interesting home together with my daughter – fish-sea-view-wine-beautiful-flavours — what more can you ask for!!!
    Love and thanks/Elisabeth

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