Cow fart in the cream dessert

I love stinky cheese!!

The Brevibacterium linens which are responsible for the amazing odours and aromas deserve a medal!

Did a train journey once between Copenhagen and Gothenburg in the company of an 8 kg really old stinky danish cheese which can be described as the late great uncle of Gamle Ole. I hid the cheese under my seat and waited. When reaching Malmö I was pretty much alone in the train compartment:) When arriving in Gothenburg I went in to the nearest pub for a pint and hid the cheese under the bar and waited…:)

Ever since I have dreamed of having stinky cheese as a dessert and here is one attempt. The following dessert is very much a copy of my favourite dessert on earth made by a very famous restaurant but I will not embarass that restaurant by mentioning it’s name here. What is changed with the dessert among many things, is the stinky cheese (and of course it looks really bad as compared to the original).


Melt the skin of the stinkiest washed rind cheese you can find, first in butter and then add some cream. Add sugar to taste. Cool it down and add some youghurt. Whisk some soured cream. Add some gelatine and a beaten egg white to the youghurt mixture. Fold down the whisked cream into the youghurt and put in the fridge.


Caramelize some sun flower kernels.


Make a sorrel granita by mixing sorrel in some sugar and water and put in the freezer over night.

Put the stinky cheese cream on a plate and then some of the caramelized sun flower kernels.


Quickly add the fork grated granita on the plate and then serve immediately (do not wait as I did, the granité will melt) (and cool your plate in the freezer before plating)


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