Myrica gale with kale


Have loads of Myrica Gale (Bog Myrtle) in a nearby bog. Have been searching for a proper and tasty use for the aromatic and bitter leaves other than to flavour our mead. Before we where christened here in the north we used to spice up the mead and barley ferments with bog myrtle and meadow sweet, both of them giving bitterness and aromatic flavour.

Tried tonight to carefully flavour some butter with the bog myrtle, not wanting it to give away too much bitterness to the butter. It worked well and here is the little dish I prepared:

Melt on low temp some butter together with loads of leaves from bog myrtle. Do not keep the bog myrtle for too long in the butter or it will go too bitter (max 30 minutes).


Fry some good quality bacon and some red onion with bog myrtle.


Cook some brussel sprouts and whatever kale you have in water and butter. If tender and sweetish you can also keep it raw.

Plate it either this way or that way: (pour the melted bog myrtle butter over the dish)





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