New butter – open source

Wanted to make a new butter with lots of everything when it comes to taste. Both super creamy AND buttery (lots of lactones AND diacetyl for you geeks and fellow butter makers).

The idea has been lurking in my mind for a long time and apart from this present idea I have some alternative ones in order to get to both creamy and buttery (those are secret). This idea however I have chosen to share with anyone interested (not many I guess:)  )

I will skip the details about the difference between creamy and buttery for a later post. And also why warming butter will get you another taste sensation from cold butter and also why freshly churned butter tastes so divine.

I used our regular soured cream (3 day) and salted it to perfection. What is perfection in this case, you might ask. Well until the cream sings in your mouth:) Until the salt brings fourth the acidic notes hidden in the velvety soured cream (hidden by the fat molecules)! Not more than that, never more!!

Cool the soured cream!

Then melt the regular butter slowly. Add by means of the tip of a knife, the melted butter, drop wise, from a low height, onto the soured cream. Let the butter pearls solidify and cool down then carefully fold them down into the cream.

Repeat this 20 times so that the cream gets full of butter pearls.

Do the top layer of butter pearls carefully so that they look pretty. Do not fold them down into the cream.

Serve! Eat with a spoon! Or bread, yes, ok.

Two events sparked us into realizing this butter idea. One was the fact that the king of sweden were to have a dinner in Göteborg arranged by the amazing Restaurant Fond and the other one was MAD in Copenhagen. At this moment it is not possible to tell wether the king liked it or not (eating as I write). Or if the special guests at MAD will like it (3 star chefs etc, HELP!!!). We will see! Hope so:)


The pearls can also be made with suet, cows fat, tallow.




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