Brined butter is better!

Jonas Alströmer (7 January 1685 – 2 June 1761) was a pioneer of agriculture and industry in Sweden. Born in the same little boring town as I am:)


After spending time in London he helped in popularising the use of potatoes in Sweden. At first the farmers resisted but when they discovered that it could be used to make alcohol they loved it. Jonas made a fortune in amassing butter, packing it in keggs that were hermetically sealed with a layer of brine (very salty water) and then shipped to London and all parts of the world. The brine butter would keep for more than a year that way.

After some trial and error we are soon offering a brined butter to the public. The prototype is seen below:


This butter can be stored in room temperature for an extended period of time! Kept from the perils of atmosphere it will taste as freshly churned as if made today. At room temperature it will always be spreadable so that you more easily can put it on your meat, bread or spoon.



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