Burning birch bark burger. Yarrow, cherries , rein deer moss and curd.

Ok, here are our two burgers we made today. One basic and one more elaborate.

Reduce 2 dl 40% cream to about half on low heat.


Make a curd by  slowly heating filmjölk or soured milk. Do not stir! Strain, salt, and then put in the fridge.


Soak the rein deer moss in water a couple of hours.


Pick cherrys and a sour apple.


Pick yarrow, juniper berries and small strips of birch bark.


Fry the cherries with butter and some red schallottes until juicy. Season with salt.


For the Wallenberger. Blitz the very cold minced pigs meat with the cooled reduced cream and salt.


Fry small pieces of Wallenberger in a pan with lots of yarrow.


Fry the basic burger in a pan with lots of yarrow and serve with fried dark lingon berry bread, red onion, cherry sauce, curd with melted butter and salt.


Fry a burger made of regular ground pigs meat in a pan with lots of yarrow. Deep fry the rein deer moss and season with salt. Put it on a plate, smear some juniper mayo on the moss and put the fried burger meat on top.l


Put some cherry sauce, onions, curds with butter, carrot/chervil-butter, tender raw cabbage and bread crumbs on the plate. Then some fried wallenberger pieces.


Put a nice piece of butter on the burger, a couple of strips of birch bark in the butter and lit it on fire!!!!






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