Buttervikings on Isle of Wight   A small dairy from Sweden is now relocating to the Isle of Wight. The dairy is specialising in butter and cultured cream and sell their products to top restaurants. Sustainability and good cooperation with farmers are key to the company. The dairy has been in operation during 8 years in Sweden and has been selling their butter to restaurants in Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany and France. during 5 years their most famous butter, Virgin butter, has been the table butter at restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. The butter is made of cultured cream and churned … Continue reading Pressrelease

Chicken liver brulee’

Make chicken liver mousse and add egg yolks.  Put mousse in fridge.  Make tiny square fondant potatoes with concentrated chicken stock with some vinegar.  At the end add cubes of apple and some dill.  Make a really concentrated cep oil.  Make tiny squares of cucumber and cover them in the salted cep oil. Add sugar on surface of chicken liver mousse and use a gas burner to caramelize the sugar.  Let the mousse cool to room temp.  Add the various cubes, sour cream and some nice green garnish like cress. Not pretty but very delicious. Continue reading Chicken liver brulee’